Frequently Asked Questions


When can I access my unit?
Our doors and gates are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do you have dollies or moving carts?
We have a large appliance dolly available in our office for use during business hours. Our indoor units also have multiple carts at the doors that are available for use any time.
Do you have moving or storage supplies?
We have all sorts of supplies, from boxes and tape, to bubble and furniture wrap. Our associates will be able to help you determine what you need, and discounts are available for our storage customers.
What do I do when it’s time to vacate my storage unit?
Let us know in advance of your next payment that you intend to leave the unit so that we don’t charge the next months rent. If you need a few days after the renewal date, we can pro-rate the rent for you. On the day you move out, make sure all of your belongings are removed, the floor is swept clean and the lock is removed. Return your FOB to the office and we will inspect the unit. If all is good, we will process your move out and send you a receipt.


Do you have climate-controlled units?
Yes, we do. Climate controlled units are good for storing antique furniture, electronics, photographs, or any other items that might be affected by changes in temperature.
Is there anything I can’t store in a unit?
You cannot store any items that are flammable, explosive, odourous, corrosive or perishable. Therefore, no fuel, fireworks, propane tanks, chemicals, food, etc. If you are unsure, please contact the facility manager to verify.
Do the units have electric outlets?
We have a limited number of drive up units with low voltage outlets available. These are handy for trickle chargers, or short-term use of small tools. There are no outlets in the indoor units.
What type of storage do you offer?
We offer storage for personal goods like furniture, seasonal items, books, or anything you don’t currently have room for in your home. Businesses use storage for historical records storage, tools, excess inventory or an extra ‘garage’. Vehicles and motorcycles can also be stored if you need extra parking or to wait for that sunny day to go for a ride.


Do you charge any fees over the monthly rent?
Provided your payments are made on time each month, the posted rate is exactly what you will pay. No booking, administration or other hidden fees
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
Not at all. Normally contracts renew on a month to month basis and are paid in advance. If you require a shorter term, or need to move out before the next month is complete, let us know your exact needs in advance and we will pro-rate a rate for you.
How do I pay my rent?
You can leave a credit card on file with us for automatic payments. We accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. Payments can also be made by e-transfer to payments@allprostorage.ca or in person by cash, credit & debit, or cheque.
What happens if my payment is late?
When it comes to making payments, communication is key! If your account is normally in good standing and you need a few extra days, just let us know in advance. We will do our best to work something out. If your account becomes delinquent however, and we have had no contact from you to make suitable arrangements, we will deny gate access and lock out your unit. Late fees may also be levied. After 60 days, if there has been no communication, your unit is considered abandoned and we may have to take steps to remove the items. That is the last thing we wish to do, so always keep in touch.
I need to reserve a unit – how do I do this?
Call, email or text us. We will help you determine what unit is best for you. You can reserve without a deposit for 10 days or with a small deposit for up to 30 days. Any deposits will be credited fully to your account on move-in day.


Will my items be safe?
We take security very seriously. Access to the fenced in facility is individually assigned by gate & door FOBs. Security cameras provide views of the well-lit property, and we do daily checks of doors to ensure that locks are secure and there has been no tampering.
Do I need a lock?
You will need to provide your own lock. You can bring your own, or we do have locks for sale in our office. Make sure you use a lock suitable for the climate if you are renting an outdoor unit.
Are my items insured?
All Pro Storage does not insure your items. Check with your provider to ensure your policy covers items in storage. If not, there are companies that do offer policies for stored items. We can provide contact information for these companies if needed.